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One of the core services of Mulpor Company SA is the provision and operation of a large online international event database

Global Online Event platform

The primary and core product of Mulpor Company SA is its international online event listing platform, which allows event organizers around the world to list and promote their events, exhibitions and fairs efficiently and with low cost. It also provides an easy access for potential attendees to find the right events based on their interests or business requirements. Due to the large volume of events listed on our platform it has also evolved to become one of the worlds largest databases for various event organizer information. Mulpor platform lists both large international events and smaller local exhibitions and fairs thus offering information of interest to businesses of all sizes as well as individuals.

The power of networking and the Mulpor Company SA ability to provide a great service in this perspective

Networking Facilitation

Over the years of operating our event listing platform, Mulpor has become aware of the extent to which it facilitates networking. Being one of the pillars of success in business we could not leave this aspect aside and have therefore focused our attention on this factor as a secondary service of our platform. Today our platform also offers all our visitors an easy and user friendly way of finding appropriate networking opportunities suitable for a vast range of industries, professions, companies and individuals. If your company is looking to build on its existing network you have got to give our Platform a go!

Marketing and Advertising Services for Event Organizers

Event Promotion

We all very much understand the power of advertising and how it yields revenue. The latest technology and of course the internet has completely changed the standard advertising means and techniques. Mulpor understands the modern concept of marketing and this is why our event platform is designed to act as an advertising tool for various event organizers. It does not only provide cost effective means of reaching the target audience but also opens the access door to international markets via fast and efficient promotional channels. Aside from the platform we have also built a strong network of event promoters during the years of our operation. This is why are in a great position to offer our Clients offline advertising packages in addition to the primary service.

Modern Solutions

In the ever competitive markets you must allow your business to take advantage of the technological advancements around you in order to remain successful and competitive. Mulpor event listing platform does just this by offering your business a modern and creative means of operation and advertising at a fraction of the traditional cost.

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